Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello Hello! !Hello!

I am back. I am excited. I want to inspire you. 

The time since I last wrote has been full. I went back through photos trying to find one to add to this post and couldn't believe how many I had or how much had happened. Here's a little peek...

Anna graduated from Play School, complete with a little ceremony and everything.

We went on three trips, 2 of which were tenting.

We chased sunsets.

I worked... a lot.

Anna left the house in the morning, knocked on the neighbors door and then came back in for supper.

We grew a garden.

I booked a surprise trip in September for Anna & I.

I missed my Dad and have spent many days & nights looking for signs of his presence. 

I started seeing a naturopath. 

I started a path to being healthy & fit. It has been a struggle & littered with personal speed bumps.

Anna has developed quite the sass. Some days adorable. Some days awful.

I have strengthened friendships. I have let some go. 

I ate too many hotdogs, but loved every one of them.

I made a goal to drink a green smoothie every single day.

Cory & I sat outside, alone, at night, drinking wine.

I spent too much time on my phone.

I discovered audio books, driving & running will never be the same.

I rowed a boat & paddled a canoe. I floated in a lake and soaked my feet in a river.

My car broke down & I fixed it myself.

I learned how to make pickles.

I am ignoring the fact that tomorrow is September 1.

I am completely ignoring the fact that my baby starts Kindergarten in 9 days.

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Kathleen Ruelling said...

Welcome back! I cannot believe how grown up your girl looks these days....geez time, slow down a little!