Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Self prescribed timeout

Hello Friends.
I have been doing a lot of thinking. 
I have been avoiding a lot of hard emotions and feelings.
I have been trying to "get in touch" with myself.
I have been avoiding work.
I have been saying yes when I should be saying no.
I have been stuffing my grief deep inside when I should be letting it have it's time.
I have been angry and I have been barking. 
I have been feeling guilty for one reason or another.
I have been trying to be better. 
A better friend to myself, my body, my soul, my heart. 
I am trying to realize that I just cant do it all.

All of these feelings or lack of feelings have left me completely run down. 

I need to put aside a few things to make room for what needs my attention now. For right now that means self care, family time, bringing ideas and inspiration to life that light a fire inside me. It doesn't mean trying to blog, thinking of and executing blog posts has gone from enjoyable and inspiring to absolute dread. For those of you that come often or every day I know you have noticed a decline here and I don't want to feel guilty about that. 

I am taking a self prescribed time out. 

I will be gone until August. Not sure when exactly but I do know I will be back. I love to be here writing and sharing... just not right now. Have an amazing summer friends.

I value each and everyone of you that support me and read my story. I will not completely disappear, you can come follow along with me, my summer and my inspiration on my Instagram feed, my handle is nadinekaren. 

Until next time.

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Kathleen Ruelling said...

Hugs to you, my penpal friend.