Thursday, 2 June 2016

Product: Jilli Bean Soup's Mushroom Medley

I have been making a very big effort to get out, go exploring and find adventures in our own backyard. There is so much to do and see in the city. My goal this summer is to do just that... get out and discover. 

Goal: Explore
Where: Anywhere
Why: Because summer (and life) is too short to sit around and be bored, there is so much to see. It also makes me so much happier and leaves lasting memories for all three of us.

Maybe you'll discover something here that you didn't know about. Maybe you'll be inspired to go discover and explore yourself. Here's to new adventures!

Where: Kinsmen Park
Date: May 6
Cost: nothing
What we brought: picnic dinner (and runners next time as the sand makes all other surfaces slippery)

At the beginning of May Anna & I had a picnic / park date with our good friends Lisa & Lucas. We both packed up meals for our families and met at the Kinsmen Park where we spent the evening eating olives, Cheetos and maybe perhaps sneaking a G&T in a to-go mug. We climbed on equipment, refused to go down the spiral contraption (me) and watched two kids get to know each other better. 

"Is Lucas a boy mom?"
"Yes Anna, Lucas is a boy."
So... Auntie Lisa doesn't have a girl?"
"Nope, just Lucas but he loves to have fun just like you and I am sure he loves the park."
"Hmmm.... Ok."

"You're right, Lucas was fun. They also had cheesies"

On our way home the two of us pulled over and went for a little walk across the river on the LRT bridge. I asked her if she wanted to go home to bed or to go see the sunset. She had no trouble choosing that one.  It was beautiful and I love these little moments of exploring. We talked about how beautiful the sunset was, we watched a beaver and she told me about the boy in class that doesn't listen.  They are some of my best and favorite times with her. 

Anna: "Mom, can I tell you something?'
Me: "Always."
Anna: "R doesn't listen to the teacher very good. But you think he's bad. S is even worse! He never listens, for real."
Me: "He can't be worse than R?"
Anna: "He is."


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Candace Awesomepants said...

The sweetest post. Glad you and Lisa got some summer time together with the kidlets. Looks like a fabulous day.