Monday, 30 May 2016

Parenting is hard...

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Being a parent is hard. Like really hard! I spend so much time worrying if I'm screwing up, screwing her up, screwing up the future. It gets a little  a lot exhausting. 

I feel some days like I am obsessing and that I sound like a broken record.

Remember your listening ears.
Choose kindness. 
Be the kind of friend you want your friends to be.
Be respectful.
I love you.
Put away your snobby face.
Don't act like a jerk. (I used that the other day when Anna was a total jerk, not my best parenting move but there was nothing else to describe her behavior)
Remember your listening ears.
Choose kindness.
Are your listening ears on?
Take a deep breath.
I love you.
Remember kindness.
And the list repeats itself over and over and over.

I try to remind myself that she's a great kit, she's amazing actually and that she is not perfect- nor would I ever want her to even think she is. I try to remind myself that the mere fact that I am even thinking about these kinds of things is proof enough that we're on the right path. 

Parenting is hard, I can only imagine how much harder it's going to get. I just want her to be happy, I want to be happy. Is it too  much to ask that raising a joyful,  kind, productive, compassionate member of society be a little bit easier? 

I didn't think so.....

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