Thursday, 5 November 2015

Halloween Recap

We had a fabulous Halloween as a family. Halloween started for Anna on Oct. 29 and she soaked up every second of it. She got to dress up 3 days in a row and had a costume picked out for each day. 

Thursday for dance was Tiana from Princess & the Frog.

Friday was Snow White for school.

Halloween & trick r' treating Anna was a Mermaid, Cory was The Hulk and he nailed it. I was a witch and I am still so excited by my makeup. I mixed foundation with green acrylic paint and sponged it on. It was perfect and it washed off amazingly. I made the web with black eye shadow and liner brush and then added enamel dots and a spider. Scrapbooking supplies are multi use friends!

We spent Halloween with my girlfriend Karen and her family. She was a paper doll and her costume was so fabulous! None of the kids knew what she was, it was kind of funny and a generation slap. We spent a short time outside and then came in for wine, mummy dogs and candy. Lots of candy. 

Halloween 2015 = Giant Success!

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