Thursday, 3 September 2015

Chasing down the Sun

One of the things that I wrote down on our summer bucket list was sunsets, sunsets, sunsets. I just love how the sky turns so many shades of pink, orange and purple, it's kind of magical and I wanted to capture those little moments. Having these nights together where we were literally chasing the sun as it began to dip were wonderful. Some nights we sat on benches and watched, others we stood in wheat fields and snapped photo after photo. Anna even got in on the action and had her friends trying to watch the sunset from our backyards as they played into the evening. Some nights we went for a walk afterwards and other nights we found ourselves driving down gravel roads checking out the countryside. A couple nights as we drove we ended up missing the sun as the clouds took over and that was always a letdown but we were forced to go to Dairy Queen instead. ;)

These little trips are some of my favorite moments from the summer and hearing Anna talk about how beautiful the sky looks make me so very happy. I hope to continue this little tradition and see what we can chase down throughout the year. 

St. Albert
 St. Albert
 North of Edmonton, down a back road.
 North of Edmonton, down a dirt road, around a corner, down another dirt road beside a wheat field.

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