Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine Floats

Taste testing these was just the worst. Okay, totally not the worst, they were all quite delicious.
I am inspired by Valentine's Day, no secret here but it wasn't always that way. I became a little obsessed after I had Anna. The reds, pinks, kisses, hearts, goodies and treats. It all makes me happy and these yummy floats make the perfect Valentine drink or dessert. (Secret Crush was my favorite)

 Cupid's Arrow (float one)

1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream
raspberry ginger ale*: fill to top (will foam a ton so be patient)
Top with whip cream & candy sprinkles
garnish with a strawberry
*any pink pop will work, it doesn't need to be this particular flavor

Secret Crush (float two)

1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream
3 strawberries: chopped and added on top of ice cream
raspberry ginger ale: fill to top
Top with whip cream & sprinkles
Garnish with maraschino cherry
*this float requires a straw & a spoon- a float & a sundae in one

Valentine Kisses (float three)

grenadine: pour to cover bottom of glass
1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream
Sprite: fill to top, pour in slowly so the grenadine stays on the bottom of the glass.
 This is only necessary if you want the layered look for first impressions.
 The grenadine will need to be mixed in once served.
Top with whip cream 
garnish with maraschino cherry

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Mrs. K said...

I think you activated my dairy sensitivity with these photos. I'm feeling a tad itchy ;-)

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