Thursday, 15 January 2015

Anna, I love seeing how happy you are, you're glowing!

As soon as I found out we were having a girl I started thinking How am I going to teach her to love herself. To be happy. To trust that she is good enough. The list goes on. Girls/Women are hit at all angles when it comes to appearance and self worth. I know this because I live with it everyday and am on a constant journey of being "good enough". Anna is not surrounded by anything but love yet she already asks me if she looks pretty! Gets concerned about what other people will think. I stare blankly and think WTF. How is this on the mind of a four year old! I know I don't say anything, I always encourage and support. Maybe it's the things I am doing? I wear make up everyday, not always all of it but foundation for sure. Does that teach her she needs to wear makeup each day? I don't know, I don't have the answers. I am always looking for inspiration and education on the subject and was very happy last week to come across an article written for the Huffington Post. How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body was inspiring and made me think in depth about how I speak to Anna. I past it onto Cory and he also thought it was a great read. We were able to discuss why the key points in the article are important to us and how was can make some changes in our dialogue to Anna. It is definitely worth the read, even if you don't have daughters or children. 
Happy Thursday Friends.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I tried to post this comment last week from my phone, but apparently phone+blogger aren't friends and really would much rather not be forced to interact or even really be in the same room, I mean GAH!

I really enjoyed this article. I think about the same things even with Lucas. Confidence, being comfortable in your own skin...I think everyone can benefit from that. But for Dude I'm more concerned with the "toxic masculinity" side of the coin. And I also try to be a good role model for any ladies he might be interested in later in life, so he can be a good partner.