Friday, 10 October 2014

Where have I been?

I am back. If you follow along with me on Instagram you knew where I was but if not, we were off on a dream vacation/adventure. We left for California/Disneyland on September 29 and spent 8 amazing, sunny, packed days there soaking it all up. I have to be honest, I shed a few tears our last day- I was just not ready to go home but our bank account said it was time. I have spent the last 3 days cleaning, unpacking and trying very hard to get back into a routine.

I will be sharing in detail our trip and how grateful I am that we were there together but for now here's the Coles Notes version...

- Cory & I celebrated 6 years of marriage.

- I took a lot of drugs to knock me out for the flight (both ways). Anna on the other hand was unbelievable brave.

- We rented a car and drove in LA traffic- slightly nerve wracking.

- We lifted our faces daily up to the sun and said thank you.

- I celebrated my 36th birthday.

- We met Mickey, Minnie and all their friends (except Daisy).

- We met every princess.

- We met Pooh and all his friends.

- We took hundreds! of photos.

- We found a beach, walked a pier and played in the ocean.

- We ate and ate and ate. 

- We didn't complain once that it was +35 - +40 every day that we were there.

- We lucked out so many times when it came to waiting in line and scoring reservation tickets. And we high fived every time we did.

- We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and it was so awesome!

- We shopped & shopped & shopped.

- We only had one blow up and it was mostly me doing the blowing up and it boiled down to reminding everyone to be grateful.

- We ate breakfast with the Princesses one day and with Minnie and her friends another.

- Anna had a makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.

- We got soaked on Splash Mountain.

- We ooh'd & awe'd at the fireworks.

- We ate Dole Whip... a lot.

- We raced cars in Cars Land, twice. My favourite ride for sure.

- I went on the tea cups and spent an hour after trying not to throw up. Spinning rides are not my "cup of tea".

- Anna loves roller coasters. 

- I have never seen a happier Wachter family.

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