Monday, 20 October 2014

California Adventure: part 2

We purchased a 5 day park hopper pass (we are able to bounce back & forth between Disneyland & California Adventure) and this is Day 1 in Disneyland and it was MAGICAL. The park is decorated for Halloween until Oct. 31 and part of the reason I chose this time of year to go. It really is magical. The sights, the sounds, the hustle & bustle. We were all in awe. I have been before and even I walked around like it was the first time. 

At first Anna was nervous about being with & hugging the characters but that wore off fast! We bought a signature book and she became an experts at asking the various characters & princesses to sign her book. She ended up filling two! She was always excited and had the most amazing expressions and she met someone new. 

The details, Disney loves their details. The goodies available blew me away each time I saw them! 

Our favourite rides from toady were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & Splash Mountain. Anna loved roller coasters, we all squealed and threw our hands in the air!

Splash Mountain. Awesome.
We got soaked and Anna was quite upset that her shirt was "ruined", it was +35 so it took no time to dry and she forgot all about being upset.

There is a parade each day in the park and it is wonderful. Anna practically waved her arm off. At one point she asked if she could stop waving. 
We also stopped at the Mad Hatter shop to buy Cory & Anna their first pair of Mickey ears with their names embroidered on the back. Anna of course chose princess  and Cory chose pirate ears.

Meeting the characters was amazing. One of my personal favourites was Merida, 
she captured the essence of that princess SO well!
(the picture of Minnie is from day 2)

Anna's favourite princess is Cinderella and meeting her was beyond amazing for her. I will never forget her reaction when she came around the corner and saw Cinderella standing there, smiling at her. She gasped the largest gasp and then turned to us in shock. I got goose bumps. These pictures make me so happy.

We purchased a Photo Pass before we left on our trip and it was the best purchase we made. For less than $100 we have over 700 professional photos. The photographers are throughout the park, they take multiple images, check to make sure they captured a great shot, they have you pose in different ways and many locations have you do "random" poses and then when you go look up your photo it has been edited like the one in the bottom left corner. Fun!

This picture pretty much sums up Day 1. 

Disney Adventure to be continued...

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