Wednesday, 15 October 2014

California Adventure: part 1

Our adventure starts here at the airport with this Anna doll. The morning of our flight Anna woke up to a new Anna doll that the princesses of Disneyland had sent her to help her be brave on the plane. She was excited to say the least. 
I will be sharing this trip day by day- mostly because I have so many photos that I love and want to share. 2575 photos to be exact, 1863 between Cory & myself and 712 professional photos from inside the parks. I used my Photopass like it was my job! 
We arrived early and got through security like a breeze, did you know if you have a little one that you get to jump the line? Hello awesome! 

So beautiful! However... I am scared- like feel like I might faint scared- of flying. I ended up taking something to knock me out for a good portion and keep me "happy and calm" for the remainder. As for my 3 year old- A CHAMP! She was so brave, not even a flinch when we had a little turbulence. She didn't even ask what was going on. I was so proud and choked up when I told her I wished I could be more like her. 

We're here! We're here! After landing, collecting our luggage and our rental car we headed out into LA traffic. Not my shiniest moment. Short story- go fast, know where you need to exit and go faster.

After lunch we headed out to Downtown Disney. If you haven't been it is basically an outdoor shopping center before the gates into the parks (Disneyland & California Adventure), there are shops, restaurants and kiosks. We headed into the Lego store first and were amazed by the creations. All the figures in the pictures above are built with Lego.

Next stop- Build A Bear. Anna built a princess cat (I know, it looks like a horse), dressed her, gave her rollerblades, a leash and set out for a stroll. The cat's name is Aurora and she has a sound chip in her foot that sings "Let it Go" which will come in very handy on the plane home (please hear my sarcasm).

Starbucks! YES! This is a new thing for here, maybe in the last 2-3 years, so I was very excited. This Starbucks is huge! It is the second biggest, the biggest one is located in Times Square. It also made the best Pumpkin Spice latte I have ever drank!

To finish off our first day in California we headed to Target to get groceries and wine. Why wouldn't you buy wine when it sits beside the bread (Oh Canada- why can't we buy wine with our groceries?). I also found everything Pumpkin Spice flavor and I mean everything. We came back to our hotel, ate gelato in bed and planned our next day- our first day in Disneyland!

To be continued...

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