Wednesday, 24 September 2014

You can find my here.

1. Enjoying the last days of summer and the beautiful weather that they brought.

2. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the giant piles of Christmas product that I have that needs to be turned into classes.

3. Ecstatic and honored that Cory & I were asked to be my niece Morgan's Godparents. 

4. Felt panicked yesterday at 4:30pm when I realized that I booked our flights incorrectly and that we leave a day before we had planned.

5. Feeling excited we have an extra day in California with no "schedule". (need to book a room)

6. Gushing with gratitude every time I think about our dream trip to California. 

7. Wanting to bake and not being able to due to lack of time.

8. Starting lists for packing.

9. Wishing the Canadian dollar was doing better.

10. Wondering if there is a magic trick to keeping the inside of my car clean.

11. Already sick of the drive to & from school. Only 9 months to go. LOL.

12. Planning & sorting details for the (full) Project Life crop on Saturday at Treasured 

13. Grateful for our amazing friend who will be taking care of our cats and house while we're away.

14. Excited to give Anna a letter from Mickey & Minnie and her autograph book. 

15. Needing more Instax film.

16. Thinking I need an assistant inside my head to sort out all my thoughts.

17. Still smiling when I think about a little party I had on Sunday and grateful for good friends who rarely see each other but pick back up right where we left off.

18. So excited to get my hair cut after a year of not.

19. Not too sure how I feel about forgetting that it's my birthday in 8 days. 

20. Needing more coffee. 

Have a great day friends.

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