Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jasper Adventures

We loaded up the car and headed to Jasper this past weekend. We wanted to get one more camping trip in before the summer ends and school starts, not to mention all the work I need to get complete before our trip to Disneyland. The weather was nice, not nice enough to go swimming in the lake again but perfect for walking around doing touristy type things. I swear that I see the mountains through fresh eyes each time I come and I hope that never changes.
Athabasca Falls. 
I am always blown away by the sheer force of the water each time I come here. It never gets old.

Jasper the Bear, lunch on patios, wine & smores and the hugest little dimples ever.

This little rocky "beach" is at the end of the falls where the water meets the lower river. We come here always and lose track of time as we navigate the rocks and search out heart shaped rocks for our collection.

We reserved this campsite because it is next to a small creek. Anna was in love and right in her element splashing in the water. It was pretty great to sit down there and drink our morning coffee.

On Saturday night a herd of elk came through and stayed for a visit. I lost count but I know for sure there were 5 little ones who still had some of there spots left. It's kind of magical sitting down for dinner and getting to see them so close. They ate, yawned, laid down, pranced around, scratched on trees, drank milk from the Momma, drank from the creek and called back & forth to each other. 
It was actually quite amazing. Just for the record- we kept or distance. 

Until next year Jasper.

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