Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Time = Margaritas

I love margaritas, not blended but on the rocks. It, along with the mojito, is the quintessential summer cocktail in my mind. My girlfriend Karen introduced me to this pre-mixed, ready to drink, no fuss, delicious Golden Margarita from the Costco Liquor store. It is the best, easily better than any margarita I have made from scratch. It is inexpensive at $19.99 and at best only needs ice to serve it over. 

The Making of a Margarita
Ice Cold Golden Margarita Mix
Course Salt
- Wet the rm of your glass with a lime slice
- Salt your rim
- Fill glass with ice
- Fill with Golden Margarita
- Serve with side of lime and enjoy thoroughly
- Tastes best when served with dear friends by your side

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Note to self: find a costco liquor store.