Thursday, 17 July 2014


- Time: 8:41am
- Drinking Starbucks Blonde Roast  (True North)
- working on a work schedule / block schedule: designating certain days for certain tasks instead of my current mish mash
- feeling beat down by the work - life balance (there is no such thing is there?)
- trying to understand and not get frustrated that my 3 year old doesn't care if I have deadlines 
- making lists, lots of lists
- excited to eat a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese
- sketching out cards for my August demo
- writing down notes as they pop into my head for my Christmas classes
- dreaming of floating in Lake Annette again
- enjoying some quiet and calm before Anna wakes up, she is really sleeping in today
- wishing we had a babysitter and that I wasn't terrified of leaving her with someone other than the usual volunteers
- dreaming about how nice it would be to have a nanny two days a week
- remember to call Mom & Dad and wish them a Happy Anniversary
- thinking about having a painting party next month for Anna's little friends
- happy that the air blowing in is cool and loving the thunder in the distance
- wondering where the week went
- making a blog post schedule
- wanting to bake
- wanting to get back into my Project Life
- super glad I discovered Podcasts
- scheduling play dates
- battling the comparing game dialogue- "She can make it work and makes it look easy, why can't I?"
- Crazy excited to work this weekend at the Bollywood themed crop at Treasured Memories
-  Surprisingly not feeling overwhelmed... today ;)
- Time: 8:45am (ha ha ha, just kidding but this list pretty much sums up my jumbled thoughts these days)

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Gosh you're lovely. I have more thoughts in this...loads more...but first and foremost, you're lovely. And secondly, I would love to babysit Anna one day! Her, Dude & I could go to a splash park and eat crackers all the live long day!