Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Manifesto 2014

This summer we will...

Go camping.
Float in a  river,  lake
Have a wiener roast.
See fireworks.
Pick berries.
Drink wine outside with girlfriends.
Pool party.
Weekend brunches.
Throw a painting party for Anna.
Have a BBQ.
Play dates. Lots of play dates.
Go to an outdoor pool.
Visit 2 new parks / spray parks.
Try out food trucks.
Surprise day trips.
Go hiking.
Go kite flying.
Celebrate Canada Day.
Collect even more heart shaped rocks.
Go to the beach.
Visit a zoo.
Relax. Be lazy. Sit outside & read... all day.
Plan scrapbooking dates.
Go to three different farmers markets.
Visit city festivals.
Eat mini donuts.
Collect & paint rocks.


1 comment:

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Thanks for the reminder that I needed to do one up for me as well. Happy Summer Friend!