Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello Friday

I have been out of sorts lately. Feeling like something is missing. I can't quite put my finger on it. This week seemed to be particular tough. I did my best to keep my chin up but anxiety, guilt and low energy got the best of me. The worst is when I can't quite figure out why I am feeling the way I am. If I can identify the root I can usually make adjustments to get out of the funk. All I know is that I feel like something isn't right, maybe missing? Frustrating much?

I began a yoga class on Wednesday night and had a significant shift. I was struck by how peaceful it was. How beautiful the energy was there. I left in a hazy, happy daze and promised myself I would try and make yoga a daily practise. If I can't figure out why I am feeling like I am maybe I can replace that energy with yoga poses. I got home that night and gave myself permission to slow down, to take the rest of the week off from working at home, to simply sit in the sun, read magazines, watch Anna play with her girlfriend and not worry about to do lists and savings plans. Guess what- I had the best day ever yesterday... and I didn't do a damn thing! 

Happy weekend friends, join me in slowing down and taking a deep breath.

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Sherri said...

Is that a new 'where women create' I see peeking out?! Oh please!:)