Monday, 24 February 2014

Around Here

I don't have very many photos of our days over the last little while but we're keeping busy. When it's cold and blustery Anna & I stay inside and get cozy. I bake to heat the house, we make popcorn and watch movies. I build forts for her and I scrapbook or do work. I have been making notes, lists and schedules for work and blog related material. I have been dreaming of crafting and spray painting- I have a can of gold that calls my name daily. I have a wooden slab waiting to be turned into a serving board. I have been working on my office space (again) to make it more functional and inspiring. I have been looking up recipes for vegetable sides to get more in our diets. I have been watching True Blood like a junkie. I have been working on Project Life. I have been dreaming of spring and tulips and running outside. If you're listening Mother Nature- We're ready! 

Building forts under the kitchen table to keep us sane while being stuck inside due to the cold weather.

Baking. Lots of baking and making warm comfort foods like lasagne.

We had a couple nice days and we spent them outside. All three of us went down on that sled at once and I squealed all the way down. I loved sledding... even though I wiped out on my own and filled every article of clothing I was wearing with snow.

Made a trip back home to visit family and snuggle my new niece. Anna is so in love with Morgan.

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