Thursday, 20 February 2014

A big first day

This week Anna started play school, a big day for the both of us. To see her excitement and her brave was thrilling... and a little sad. When did my baby get old enough to go to school? She was packed and ready to go hours before we had to leave. When we got there she marched right up and hung up her backpack. She ran around with the other kids waiting for the door to open as if she'd always been there. She got in line to go in the class and only then did she reach for me hand and look at me with worry. I squeezed her hand and in we went. A little girl came over and asked Anna to sit with her, they set down their snack bags and were off. I had to call Anna back to hug me goodbye. She hugged me and was gone. Just like that. I stood there and watched as my baby made new friends and fit in as if she'd always know these kids. My heart was heavy with gratitude and the lump in my throat told me it was time to go. I stepped outside the class, peeked in once more and then walked towards the exit- choking back tears. I got in my car, had a little wee cry and then left. I checked my watch every 10 minutes until it was time to go get her. I was so excited to see her after class, she came running out, spotted me and gave me a hug. The teachers said she was a pro and it was like she had been there the whole year. YES! I was so happy it went great and that she did so well! The best part- Anna LOVED it! She said it was "Awesome!" and has been ready to go today since Tuesday afternoon. 
Here's to a successful first day of play school!

I am so proud of you Anna.
xo, Momma

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Kathleen Ruelling said...

That she was able to go off with her new friend with confidence shows what an amazing home she comes from - she comes from a home of love and support with parents that have instilled confidence and kindness in her. I still well up with tearful eyes when my girls go into school with only a quick kiss/hug for me and have to remind myself that Doug and I created that confidence -
Well done, pen pal! Anna, I hope that you love school!! Congratulations on your big day!
Kathleen :-)