Monday, 30 September 2013

Around Here

September, September- where did you go! I love this month, but I love October more! It's the season of gratitude, my birthday, the Thanksgiving holiday, my Mom's birthday, Halloween and party planing for a very sweet 3 year old! How exciting!
Here's a little glimpse into September over here...

It was my girlfriend's 40th birthday and her husband & I planned a surprise party for her. All the lies and made up stories were exhausting, I started to forget what I had said and what was real. We were so excited and the party was great! Happy Birthday Girl!

I went brunette! I get bored every now and then and need a change. I am loving it!

We took family photos and a few that I'll use for Anna's 3rd birthday.

I made Autumn coloured pillow cases and am working on a little tutorial for the blog.

We decorated Anna's play house and she LOVED it!

We started back up at Mumbo Jumbo. This is Anna's self portrait. 
I love that she chose her blue eyes and coloured her hair red.

Champagne, apple tarts, candle light and a movie for our anniversary night in. It was lovely!

We went to Dora Live and loved it!
Anna was sooo happy, I am not sure I have ever seen her smile that big before.
Cory & I spend a good deal of the show watching her, it was awesome!

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Tracy K said...

OMG...LOVE you as a brunette!!! I miss a class & look what I!