Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer 2013: a work in progress

Photo of Japser, Alberta taken from high on the Jasper Tramway.

We got back late last night from a weekend camping trip to Japser Park and it was wonderful. It was seriously cold for July but I dressed like it was winter so I was all good. I thought I'd share a summer manifesto update, we're crossing to do's off left & right! Yeah #wachtersummer2013!

go to the beach
visit the zoo
go camping
trip to BC
visit a winery
float in a lake
go for ice cream- lots! (work in progress, let's just say we're doing a mighty fine job)
go on picnics
collect heart shaped rocks
go fishing with Daddy
go hiking
try 2 new cocktail recipes (one down- mastering the red wine spritzers)
make smores
have a BBQ
go to a football game
visit 3 new parks
farmers market
see a parade
go on amusement park rides
pool party
take a week day off and go on an adventure
fly a kite
build sand castles
pick berries
soak in a hot spring
try 3 new panini recipes
make cake- just because
put paint on canvas
create a bedroom oasis
visit the city festivals
collect drift wood
make inspiration hearts
eats loads of salads (I should have put- eat lots of chip- I could have crossed that off!!)
soak up the sun
stay up late and see the stars
buy fruit on the side of the road
feed the birds
teach Anna a somersault
celebrate Canada Day
watch fireworks (missed Canada Day's- fell asleep at 10pm)