Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beautiful Jasper

 We packed our car up Friday afternoon and headed off to Jasper to go camping. 

 I'm the girl that packs a real wine glass camping. Keeping it real.

Waking up on Saturday in the tent was cold.... super cold! Fortunately the forecast rain came in short bursts that we managed to avoid for the most part.

Anna & Jasper Bear.

On top of Whistler's mountain after riding up on the Tram. We left as a storm was rolling in, in fact as our car started it's decent the rain came in as.... snow. Brrr.
 It was sunny in town so that's where we headed. 

The beautiful Athabasca Falls.

Maligne Canyon. 
One of my absolute favourite places in Jasper. It truly is amazing!

A giant, beautiful heart boulder. Love.

Hello there!

Miette Hot Springs.
 There is a glacier cold pool (ok, maybe not that cold) that you can go in and then get in the hot pools. I put on my brave pants, counted to three and jumped! 
I could not get up the ladder fast enough and practically mowed down a group of strangers to get in the hot water... which stung like a thousand knives because I was so cold.
 Laugh out loud hilarity! 
Sounds like a ridiculous thing to do but it was pretty awesome!

Good Bye Jasper! Thanks for a great weekend! Until next time...


Candace said...

looks like an amazing trip! great pics lady! And I must say I am super proud of you for going in the Glacier pool!

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Looks like you had a super time! And kudos to you for going in the cold pool! Eek!