Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project Life: week 5

 Project Life: Week 5: January 28- February 3
- I bought myself a Silhouette on the weekend and am in love. You will be seeing pieces cut from it in PL... all the time! 
- still numbering pictures and then journalling in a big block
- adding in a 10x12 insert for journalling and extra photos
- the last two weeks have been all about the photos!

Page 1
- hello w/ heart is cut with the Silhouette and is from Designer Digitals by Ali Edwards
- Cut up the cover of my manual to add into PL
- Added in a screen shot of the weather report for Tuesday as it was -43 Celsius with the wind chill (which is -45.4 Fahrenheit. For real it was flipping cold.)

10x12 insert: front
- all my journalling
- wrote on the picture of Anna with a white Sharpie (love this marker)
- simply adore you - Silhouette
- doodled a border around all the cards

10x12 insert: back
- Sunday we played out in the snow and I had too many pictures I loved to choose

Page 2

The Things you Say

Want to know more about Project Life? Go here for more information.
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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

So many pictures!! I love them, and the giant blocks of journaling.

You are too the fun parent.

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

Your daughter's rosy cheeks are too adorable.

Cerise said...

Love the "things you say" card. So cute!
I really need to start using my silhouette more often. I love seeing what people create with theirs.

Teresa said...

Congrats on the Silhouette purchase! I.love.mine!!! =) I grab most of the freebies and take the Kerri Bradford classes...very helpful!

Candace said...

I also love the way you are keeping track of Annas vocabulary. It will be so awesome and siskustingly funny to look back on for her and you guys!