Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's to you

Source: via Helen on Pinterest

Use today to show someone that you care about them. 
Use today to be kind to a stranger. 
Use today to be grateful. 
Use to day to buy yourself flowers.
Use today to sing loudly in the car, louder than usual. 
Use today to eat a little chocolate, or a lot. 
Today I want you to show kindness to yourself. 

 Thank you for choosing to come by and spend your time with me here on the blog.
 I am grateful.
 Happy Valentine's Day Friends!


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Oh my, you are so lovely! Cute pandas, and a sweet post.

I have been feeling so EXHAUSTED this week, but I haven't let myself get too down about it (except for that moment of blargh on the blog yesterday...oops!) because I know that everyday affords a chance to make awesome happen!

I am going to pick up a bunch of red helium balloons & some love gummies after work and surprise Dude with them at school! AND order in some nice sushi. AND text all my friends with a big Happy V Day message!

Thanks for the reminders, as always....

Candace said...

I am going to use today to lick your face, go out for heart shaped pizza with the family and hopefully finish putting this god foresaken desk together :) xoxo