Tuesday, 12 February 2013

project life: week 6

Project Life: Week 6: February 4 - February 10

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- Keeping up with numbers on pictures & corresponding journaling
- I like this method but am realizing that I am leaving out notes and thoughts that happened but have no pictures to show for it. I am thinking about how I can change this for nest week

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The things you say.

Missing from this weeks spread is a huge moment that happened this past week. Anna got a room redo and moved into a "Big Girl Bed". I have to get pictures printed and decide how to capture this fun & significant moment in time, I'll share when I get that put together. 

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Hi! Still loving the numbering system, but I can see what you say about missing the moments that don't have photos. You need to write on more photos, and save the tags for the moments that have no photos to accompany them.

Cerise said...

Great layout. The Things You Say is really such a wonderful thing to include.
Congrats to your big girl on her new bed! So exciting.