Friday, 18 January 2013

Currently: Life with Anna

Life with Anna. 
She has her own (strong) opinions.
She loves to tell me I'm beautiful.
She spends a good deal of time not listening.
She tells me she missed me when I go get her in the morning.
She has to be the pickiest eater ever... I am sure of it.
She loves to sit together on the couch in the morning and watch cartoons.
She fights every night at supper time.
She falls asleep on me at night and I fall in love more & more.
She refuses to bath at night so we bath during the day.
She smiles a smile that stops people in their tracks.
She kicks me when it's time to do a diaper change.
She gives fast, sudden and unexpected hugs.
She runs away from me in stores and outside and it scares me.
She wishes me sweet dreams if I lay on the couch.
She yells at Cory if he tries to talk to me.
She tells me I did a really good job when I do my work.
She runs away and hides when I want to leave the house.
She loves to cuddle and read books.
She cries and kicks when it's time for pj's and teeth time (teeth brushing).
She rubs my back if I'm sad and tells me it will be okay. (and I know it will be but at the time...)

Life with Anna has been very challenging lately and then it has also been so very wonderful. But all the ups & downs are mentally and physically exhausting. I am so very grateful for the "easy" days I just wish I wasn't so drained to enjoy them. Our biggest obstacle- eating. Any advice would be appreciated on how to get a little to try something new.... just try. She doesn't even have to eat it. I just need her to try it. Email me or leave a comment....

ps... Have a fabulous weekend friends!


Candace said...

love :) She sounds so so sweet. My only eating tip would be to try and involve her in the "making" steps. Whether its washing the carrots, or going to get the crackers, whatever. Bribery also works "if you try this asparagus Mommy will give you a skittle after!

Bluenocs said...

I also have a little guy who is soooo picky. He eats spaghetti and peanut butter. Veggies and fruit is out of the we make smoothies and occasionally he'll drink those. I always worry about him getting proper nutrition. I don't make special meals for him and if he doesn't eat, then he doesn't eat. But he's still growing and is healthy. I am also running out of ideas. So you are not alone. I wish I could offer advice....but to just keep trying. :)