Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I've been busy...

Hair- Take #2
We got it right this time! This is exactly what I wanted! While I liked my hair from 3 weeks ago something about it just wasn't right. It just wasn't short enough. I guess to go this short I needed to do it in stages so as not to initiate a nervous break down. Wow! Is it short. I walk by the mirror and don't recognize myself. Jillian said I would feel unsure for a couple days but then I would be like "Yeah, I fricken love my hair". She's so cute! Me being "unsure" about my hair. This picture is for you Jillian! haha!

My wonderful hubby helping me make chocolate spider webs for Halloween cupcakes.

I spent Saturday evening at Treasured Memories with some of my favorite ladies. I made this little 5x7 canvas under the encouraging eyes of the wonderful Lisa and the very prompting words of the lovely Kara- "Just go for it, don't be afraid". I love how it turned out!
This amazingly fabulous canvas was a birthday gift from Lisa! My mouth fell open it's so amazing! She is so freakin' talented!!! I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends! Thank you so much Lisa!

Friday was my mom's birthday and we drove to Stettler to have a Halloween themed fondue party for her! So fun and so so yummy. We ate till we were bursting but I think Cory and my brother needed to have their stomachs pumped they ate so much food!

Mom & her cupcake tower.

Her very fabulous spooky jewelry that I made her wear because she was the birthday girl.

The spooky table with all the decorations I packed from Edmonton.

It's been go go go around here and that's exactly what I need to do as I am having some of my scrapbooking ladies over tonight for dinner and this place needs a good clean! See you later alligators!
Oh yeah... I almost forgot....
Come check out my November 7th class at Treasured Memories. 25 Days of Christmas- an album that celebrates the traditions, activities and ordinary days leading up to Christmas day. So much fun! Check it out here.

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