Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here's a few pictures from dinner last night. I love Halloween and I had so much fun getting our apartment ready for last night. Cory bought me dry ice and I ran around like a crazy person showing everyone my fog, it was super exciting, that stuff is so freakin' cool! I made all sorts of goodies, popcorn balls, truffles, spider web cupcakes, bug ice cubes for the punch, poison labels for all my bottles, personalized treat bags! SO FUN! I am however three days behind in work so I will be working all weekend to make up for it. Totally worth it!

Loving the dry ice!

The goodie bags and my spider carving.

Cory's fabulous witch carving.
I bought this mask because it had fabulous peacock feathers... I really wasn't anything.

A few of my favorite people. Lisa, always the clever one was Hickory Dickory Dock! Kara was an adorable cowgirl and my girlfriend Sarah dressed up as my other girlfriend- the beautiful Naomi! Did she ever hit that nail on the head! I would never know them apart! LOL! Thank you to all you girls, Chantal & KC as well! I had such a great night and so nice to all get together. A super huge thank you to my wonderful husband- you're so bloody awesome and I am so grateful for you and all your help with everything to get ready for last night!


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FormerlyLisaS said...

it was a great party! And Russel loved his little Goodie Bag...thanks again!