Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Sunday was my girlfriend's baby shower for Leah! She is so stinkin' great I just wanna squeeze her! Here's the name garland I made for her nursery. The gorgeous Miss Leah

This is one of the card classes that I'll be doing at Treasured Memories. Let me tell you friends- I really struggled with these. I don't step outside of my little scrapbooking world very often and when I do, it's totally exhausting. I love Tim Holtz and everything he makes so I wanted to create cards using his techniques. To prepare I watched so many You Tube videos of his it's not even funny.... or totally nerdy. Form your own opinions. The class runs Nov. 3 in the am and Nov. 5 in the evening, cost of the class is $20. Come hang out.

A birthday shout out to KC today- Happy Birthday Girl!!!!


Chantel said...

Thanks Nadine, you pretty much rock. Sorry I missed you this morning, now I have to go till saturday without my fix. By the way that cake is HUGE :)


Ginger said...

I can totally relate to the Tim Holtz youtube thingy... all I can say is good thing there is a rewind button...
P.S. I like your cards (and the new do)!