Wednesday, 27 April 2016


all photos taken 04/20/16

The long, cold days of winter pass by and then finally after what seems like forever spring starts to show herself. When she shows up something happens inside me that can only be described as an awakening. I feel the stir to get outside, the urge to make things make sense, the desire to create, to thrive and the need to organize. I feel a literal buzz after spending time in the sunshine. I feel alive. I feel joyful. I feel a sense of purpose and a drive to uncover things hidden deep inside. Perhaps a metaphorical dusting off of my soul. 

Spring represents a fresh start and I am inspired by that prospect of dusting off my soul and decluttering my mind and my heart.  And let me tell you that there is so much more dust there than ever before. Grief, resentment & anger have done a number on me and changed me for both the good and the bad. I desperately want to thrive in the positive, to allow in the light, to raise my energy, raise my frequency with the Universe and learn the tools to move through all the ugly shit that comes my way. This is instead of allowing it to consume me... as I have been. 

Each day I head outside and peek on my perennials, hoping that they made it through the winter and are going to come back. Come back stronger and more full. My energy is palpable when I see the first plants come up through the dry, hard dirt. The perseverance amazes me every time!  I come inside and tell anyone that will listen that there are new plants to see and then we all go back outside to inspect the new growth.

Taking inspiration from spring and it's rebirth has become a daily practice for me. Noticing all the greens, the blooms, the smell of the fresh air, respecting the survivors after a spring snow, feeling the warmth of the sun and listening to the song from the birds. I could listen to the birds all day, they always sound so freakin' happy! I even smiled at 5am the other morning when they woke me up. It was too pretty to make me grumpy & I went on to have a wonderful day. Making a metal note of my energy and how the rest of my day unfolds has been big for me. Was I shitty and ended up having a shitty day? Did something crap happen that I couldn't let go of and therefore I gave permission to the crap to ruin the rest of my day. Paying attention has opened my eyes.

Pay attention to all of it. It all matters and it all has a story to tell. The birds, the blooms, the crap, the sunshine, the giant ticket you got in the mail.... it all has a story to tell you if you care to listen. 

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