Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Love Pops

Remember yesterday's cake scraps? Today I'm sharing what I did with them. I will come clean right now! Cake pops are not in my wheelhouse and I will never be a professional cake pop maker. I also underestimated how much work they would be. 

That being said-   I like how they turned out and more important, Anna thinks they're "AMAZING!!" & "You're the best Mom anyone could ask for." And that sounds like a huge win in my books.

There are many amazing recipes / techniques online and I read a bunch, here's my how to do list for you.

- crumble cake in a bowl, be sure there are no large pieces

- add icing and mix together, I added about 3/4 - 1 cup. You want the consistency to be dough like so that you can roll the mixture into balls

- place mixture in fridge to cool for at least an hour.

- roll your cake mixture into balls, place back into the fridge to cool. I left mine over night, you could also add them to the freezer to cool them faster and save time, just be sure not to freeze them. The balls need to be chilled or the stick won't stay in place and the chocolate will be less likely to stick. *I know this from personal experience, you cant skip the cooling step.

- Melt your chocolate, this can be done in the microwave in small increments with plenty of stirring or in a double boiler.  I melted mine in a double boiler (glass bowl over a pot with about 1" of boiling water. Bowl can not touch water.)

- Time to make your cake pops. Take a stick and dip the end into the chocolate, press the stick into a ball. Take your cake pop and roll it into the chocolate to cover,  be sure chocolate gets all the way to the stick. Hold the cake pop over the bowl and turn the pop to have the excess chocolate roll off. (Don't stress if the chocolate keeps dripping off for what feels like an eternity, I think that's normal)

- Hold your pop over the topping bowl and sprinkle it with the desired candies

- Place your cake pop down on a piece of parchment paper and continue sticking, dipping and sprinkling.

- Place cake pops in fridge to cool until chocolate is hard

- Enjoy all your hard work!

*I chose to place the cake pop ball down instead of upright because I did not have a foam brick to stick them into and also because I found that they dripped too much if I held them upright. I know there is a way to make them not do that but I wasn't interested in figuring it out. The cake pops look great regardless and Anna thinks they're the best things ever so like I said earlier- that's a success in my books.

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