Monday, 4 May 2015

Mother's Day Gift Idea: for the gardener

I am back this morning sharing one last idea for a Mother's Day gift. This one is for someone who maybe doesn't need plants or for someone who gardens but you're not too sure what they like to grow. I know this one might be my favorite but that could be because I have a serious magazine addiction. Mother's Day is this Sunday and I plan on sleeping in, then drinking mimosas with my Eggs Benedict. What are your plans?

To create this gift pot you will need:
- plant pot (Dollarama)
- Magazine (Safeway but I am sure it can be found anywhere)
- chalkboard heart stick (Micheal's)
- Jar (Dollarama)
- sugar hand scrub (recipe below)

Sugar Hand Scrub
{this is perfect for getting that garden dirt off your hands)

Dish Soap

In a small jar, fill 3/4 with sugar, top up with dish soap. Stir to mix together, check consistentcy. You are looking for a thick mix that can be scooped out. Add sugar and continue mixing until you get a thick consistency that you're happy with. I had to add quite a bit of sugar after the initial mix. I tested mine out and it works great.
*Tip: the sugar settles and you will need to mix prior to using. I just shook my jar up and that did the trick.

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