Monday, 11 May 2015

Being Anna Rae: 4.5 years old

Anna Rae
Age: 4.5

- you go to playschool 3 days a week, play soccer twice and go to hip hop on Tuesdays
- you love mashed potatoes & veggie meatballs
- you told me you have a boyfriend and his name is Kristoff
- you got very upset when I told you you couldn't marry Daddy
- you love animals and nature
- you have the kindest heart
- you wear a skirt or dress everyday
- you give the very best morning snuggles
- you love to draw pictures of people
- you love to collect rocks
- you want to be a princess when you grow up
- you have slept through the night for a month now (finally!)
- your favorite show on TV is Wild Kratts
- your play friends: Jenna, Lizzy, Lucy, Evelyn, Alex, Scarlett
- your room is always messy
- you get frustrated easy & are quick to stomp
- you love Lego
- you are already asking when we are going camping
- you tell me: "I love you 99." or "I love you more than Cinderella."
- you always ask Daddy what color jersey he is cheering for so you can cheer for them too
- you asked me just yesterday how babies get into tummies (sigh)
- you have the best laugh
- sometimes I feel like you & I have a secret club
- I thought you might pass out from laughter when I made a play dough butt
- If I sleep in you come & tell me "I'll let you have coffee if you get up." 
- you amaze me every day and teach me so much about kindness

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