Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Around Here

It feels like spring outside and I am loving it! It creates an energy in me that I wish I could bottle up. I love sitting on the front step in the sun. I love walking outside and feeling the sun hit my face without the rest of me freezing. I love hearing the birds chatter and sing. I dug out Anna's bike and I love watching her go back and forth along the sidewalk. I love the need/urge/desire to clean, to declutter and to start fresh. I have been going full tilt purging and organizing. My car is packed full of donation items. The great spring clean of 2015 is underway!

This girl loves to dance & loves her twirls.

My tiny but mighty tribe met this month for drinks and food at Mercer Tavern. Great friends, lots of laughs, great food and drink, happy heart. We were down two lady friends, we missed them but made up for it in the sad photos we took and sent them.

Anna & Lizzy. These two. Never a dull moment.

Choosing new, bright, colorful fabric to make pillows. 

Taking time to myself to read & enjoy the sunshine. That sun that comes through the window makes me happy. Almost done Gone Girl and I am really liking it. 

It has been 5 years since I could wear these shoes. They're one of my favourites. I got pregnant, I grew- all of me- and I had to say goodbye to all my shoes. Things no one told me about having a baby- my feet would grow stretch in width and length! I put them on yesterday and cheered. They fit again! Yes!!

The great spring clean of 2015 started in the storage room. I hauled it all out. Went through everything, organized it, put everything I could into bins, labeled it and stacked it all back in. It took a full day but was it rewarding. I can walk in there and find anything. That sounds like magic to me. 

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