Monday, 23 February 2015

Around Here

(seriously, I could eat her up)

There has been little space to breath around here and February blew by me leaving a trail of ice and puddles. Ok, that is just the weather around here. I may have thrown a temper tantrum the other day that sounded a lot like this- "Be winter. -OR- Be spring. PICK one Weather. Pick one. " I most likely flailed my arms around in the air too. 

In any case, life looks a lot like...
- spring cleaning
- Anna attending her first classmate birthday party
- Valentine's parties
- Cory working out of town
- feeling under the weather
- blood work & biopsies (tests for an autoimmune disease)
- reading whatever I can on autoimmune disease
- realizing I can track symptoms back 10 years
- splurging on new towels and bedding
- being outside when the weather is beautiful
- watching Lost Girl on Shomi
- planning for my first ever scrapbook retreat
- piles of laundry... everywhere...why can it never find it's way back into the drawers
- being late for playschool everyday
- cancelling subscriptions because our dollar is the shits
- brunch every weekend 
- drinking grapefruit beer (Stiegl)
- drooling over new scrapbook product
- soaking in bubble baths
- trying to listen to my gut and learning to say no

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I went through a summer of Stiegl with a shot of gin.

I laughed out loud about your Be Winter or Be Spring comment :)