Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kitchen Reno

We rent a cute little townhouse condo from a friend of ours that we both worked with about 5 years ago. She and her Mr. Lover Lover are pretty much the best "landlords" ever, in the history of ever. They have wanted to reno the kitchen for a long time and back in August they came to us with two possible kitchen configurations. We picked which one we liked the best and then I had to go online and pick out all the "stuff". What cupboard faces I preferred, what kind of sink I preferred, what hardware I preferred, what colours of counter and tile I preferred. It was pretty unbelievable. 
Then one Thursday evening in October the small but mighty crew showed up at 6:30pm and started the demo. By Sunday at 6:45pm we had a new, dreamy kitchen. I cried... a few times. 
They surprised us with a new fridge and I thought I might faint at how beautiful a new fridge could be. I cried, again. It was literally a dream. 
What did they do: There was all new everything. They insulated the wall better. They ran plumbing to the closet turned pantry so I could have our apartment style dishwasher installed and ready to go. They changed the piping configuration under the sink to allow more storage space. They installed a lazy susan in the corner and that alone made me so joyful! They added more counter top and cupboard space. It really was a amazing!
I was and still am just so grateful. I walk into the kitchen on a daily basis and stop and smile. I have never had such a nice kitchen, or felt so happy about what a kitchen looks and feels like.  

The kitchen before. I was never unhappy with this space but am grateful for the change. 
I blogged back in June of 2014 about it here

During Demolition. 

During Demolition.

During Demolition & the Beginnings of Awesome.

After: this is how it looks today as I sit here and type this post.


Anonymous said...

The end result was better than anticpated, an awesome kitchen for some awesome people xx

Candace said...

It is so awesome! I hope to have tea (who are we kidding samosas!) in it one day soon. You deserve amazing everythings my friend.