Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Chore Chart

I had been noticing various people posting about their children's chores, things that they did each day like make the bed, empty the dishwasher and setting the table at meal time. I wasn't sure how old these children were or if there was a "right" age to begin chores but I decided that Anna was ready. That she could be responsible for small things that made a big difference. Things that helped me out and taught her about routine, responsibility and reward. 

Her chores include make the bed, open the blind, feed the cats, put away her dishes, tidy her bedroom at bedtime & make sure her dirty cloths are picked up and put in the laundry. She gets a sticker for every completed chore. When the chart is full, after a two week period, she receives a reward. 

For the first week I had to remind her each day to "remember your chores" but then one morning I heard her in her bedroom and peeked in to find her making her bed. I was so proud. She woke up and instantly made the bed- I can not say the same about me- perhaps I  need a chore chart. 

She filled her chart and then received a reward, this time was a Frozen poster that I had hoarded in the back of my closet. I tend to buy things when I see them and I haven't seen them any where before and when they're on sale. I love a good deal!

I am not sure how long this system will last or for how long it will be effective but for now it works. It also takes these things off my daily list and for that I am grateful!

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