Friday, 29 August 2014

Sweet Potato Hash

This is one of my favourite meals, sweet potato hash and a fried egg... white. I never eat the yolk, but I always cook it this way. The prep can be time consuming, getting the sweet potato ready but I do a big batch at once and then keep them in the fridge ready to to go. Other than that it's a quick go to meal that fills me up and tasted delicious. I have been trying to limit my dairy to my morning coffee, otherwise I would crumble feta on this for added deliciousness. If you don't like sweet potato, regular potato can be used in it's place. I however LOVE the sweet taste and when they're cooked and get crispy they're even sweeter.... Mmmm. :) 

Sweet Potato Hash
 - shred your sweet potato with a food processor or mandolin
- add sweet potato to a frying pan with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano (or your favourite spices)
- fry until crispy, it doesn't take long
- fry an egg an way you like it while the sweet potato is cooking
- add sweet potato to plate, top with egg and parsley
- Enjoy!

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