Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hello September!!

Hello September! Autumn is in the air. I can feel it, smell it, see it and soon enough hear it as my feet crunch in the leaves. It is no secret that this is my favourite season. From the amazing colours to the cozy outfits with boot socks to meals roasting & goodies baking in the oven to candles burning and the click of the furnace to hot sun on your face as the crisp air keeps you cool. It has always felt like the beginning for me, most likely because of my October birthday & the start of school. A time to reflect and make new goals, to purge and organise and make things make sense, to set up a schedule and plan meals... I get butterflies thinking about it.

This September is full of changes for our family and an adventure to Disneyland. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am. Every time I see something Disney related I feel like a little girl cheering inside and if you were at Costco with me when I saw the Princess costumes for Halloween you would have heard me gasp and cheer out loud. I even contemplated squeezing into the largest size they had- I would look so fabulous in a Snow White or Cinderella dress. ;)

There will be changes that I think will be so good for everyone. Anna starts going to childcare twice a week with the loveliest nanny and she starts a kindergarten prep preschool program 3 days a week and dance once a week. She is so excited. Me? I am so looking forward to having time in the day to get my work complete. I will be able to have my evenings back and "be with" and "be present" with both Anna & Cory. I. Can. Not. Wait.

I have been having trouble with joint pain, swelling, tendinitis pain and arthritis in my hands so I have been really looking at my diet again. Making note of how I feel from one day to the next and if there is a correlation with the foods I am putting into my body. Realising that Whole 30 showed me I can feel good all the time. Also coming to terms that some of my favourite foods are hurting me. It's not easy making adjustments when you have lived and eaten a certain way your whole life. It's hard not to feel deprived & left out. I keep reminding myself that it's harder to feel terrible and in pain. 

Work for the holiday season is in full swing, I have ideas, parties, plans & sketches crowding up my brain and it feels good. As for this space, I have plans for more recipes, more creating, more inspiration. My most popular posts, the ones that get the most traffic are about mini books and recipes. I am listening and figuring out how I can bring more of that here. 

Thanks for being here, for reading, for listening and for continually coming back.

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