Thursday, 14 August 2014

Backyard Living

Last month I went to Target for... I can't remember what I went for but it wasn't outdoor furniture. However, they were blowing out their summer stuff (summer had just started so this made total sense to me) and I love a good deal. I had wanted to create a little cozy spot but the prices of everything always turn me off. My internal dialogue sounds something like this: "You want what for a pillow! That will get rained on! You're crazy!" 
When I saw everything on clearance I knew I could make it happen, so I did. Lights, chairs, pillows... I was doing a happy dance. That was until I got to my car and thought "oh oh" but fortunately it all worked out and I even had room to spare. Cory asked me not to go back in when I let him know I still had room.. ha ha ha.
We live in a complex so our neighbours are extra close and the fences are on the low side. We have a yard though and it's fenced so I am grateful, very grateful. 

Some of my favourite nights are spent here. We put Anna to bed and then we sit outside chatting, cozy under the lights and the candles, drinking a glass of wine and checking out the stars. Happiness. 

Life is good and I am grateful.

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