Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Adventures in Gardening

I have been planting tomatoes & herbs for as long as I can remember being on my own and having a balcony. When we moved to a place with a yard it was a no brainer to build a garden. This year though we Cory built a raised garden by simply boxing in the existing piece of dirt we already had with some wood and filling that with dirt.  It has made such a difference in the growth and success of our plants.

This year we planted carrots seeds, a strawberry plant, 6 or 7 tomato plants (they're so full and wild that I can't tell anymore), herbs, onion and a celery. The celery is an experiment, I took the bottom of an existing celery, soaked the bottom to get roots and then planted it. So far the only thing that has come of it is a plant with lovely leaves. The strawberry plant needs to be picked everyday and Anna loves that! We picked our first carrots this past week and Anna cheered that it was "The Best Day Ever!". Man do I love that kid's enthusiasm!

I planted a variety of tomatoes this year and they are all doing great! I have some very big fruit coming in and I am excited to sit down, cut them up, add some salt and dig in. Garden tomatoes are my favourite. 

We have also dedicated a section of our yard for Anna's garden and her side is doing so great! She checks on it everyday and gets so excited to show you any new developments. Her greatest success has been this pumpkin.I bought it for Anna, she broke it off and basically killed it. I went to throw it away but she insisted she plant it. I told her it probably won't make it but she did not care. Boy was I wrong! This thing has taken off and over! Every morning it is bigger and grown out further! It has pumpkins started and that is so exciting around here! Way to go Anna!
As you can see her tomato is also thriving! We pick from it every day as well. I think my sweet girl has a green thumb that rivals her Momma's.

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