Monday, 7 July 2014

100% Rad Weekend

This past Saturday I participated in the Edmonton Color Me RAD 5K and it was such a blast! I ran with my friends Lisa & Russell and Cory & Anna came with me to cheered us on. Anna made a sign that said My Mom Is Rad- it was the best!  The running part had it's moments but I felt pretty proud that I actually ran the majority. The color bombing tents were awesome, who would have thought that getting colored cornstarch thrown at you would be so rad! I picked up Anna just before the finish line, took her through a color bombing and then piggy backed her across the finish! Awesome! 

The energy down at the Expo Centre was amazing and the number of people participating was crazy- it had to be thousands! I am excited to sign up for next year and Cory & Anna will be running along side me in the next one. The diversity and abilities of  the participants was extra rad! Kids, strollers, wheelchairs, canes, full costumes, unicorn heads, athletic, not athletic, skinny, big, old, young- seriously I could go on! What a great event to bring everyone together for an amazing morning. I seriously had the best time!


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

You got some awesome photos! I'll have to see about getting some copies!

Kathleen Ruelling said...

I ran it, too! It was so much fun - my girls are totally coming with me next year. What a blast (literally and figuratively!)