Wednesday, 26 February 2014

These Days: Life with Anna

Life with a 3 year old can have it's challenges. 

There is whining, lots of whining.

There are days when her "listening ears" are not turned on... all day. 

There are arguments.

But for the most part (thankfully) these rotten days are few. 

There is a wild struggle for independence when some days I just want her to need me, to be my baby but she won't have any of that.

If you can do something- then so can she and you better look out when it doesn't go the way she wanted it to. 

She has a mighty will and is stubborn (just like her Mama). 

She tells it like it is. Got morning breath? You better take care of that before you see Anna or she will definitely ask you "What stinks? Maybe it's horse poop!" And of course you'll die laughing but that's not such a bad way to start the day. 

She has a wild, beautiful imagination. 

She can make up the most elaborate, detailed stories.

She can turn anything into a song. Feeling down? Don't worry- Anna's got this- she'll sing you a song- "Songs always make everyone feel better."

She is a mimic and you better believe if you say or do something you shouldn't she will store it in her steal trap of a memory and use it at a later date!

If she's working on something she'll ask you to stop talking because she needs to concentrate. The conversation sounds something like this...

Anna: Can you stop talking I need to concentrate?
Mama: I wasn't talking.
Anna: You're talking now.
Mama: I see.

She loves to help. Insists on it, even if you don't need any help.

She doesn't appreciate it when you vacuum while her show is on. Don't worry- she'll let you know with one hand on her hip how she feels.

She loves any excuse to throw a party and loves to decorate or get the house ready. I really appreciate it when she moves everything around to "get the house ready".

She loves to get out of the house and go exploring. She weirdly loves to go to Costco and can often be heard cheering when she finds out I need to go there. I think that has more to do with the book section than any thing else.

She still loves to hold hands. 

She always asks, "Sooo, how was your day?" 

She still loves to cuddle and man am I grateful for that! 

This age is pretty great, challenges and all.

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Ginger said...

Oh my, what a sweetie asking how your day is! Those are some precious photos and moments Nadine :)