Monday, 30 December 2013


The Christmas season is my busiest time of year work wise. Christmas means cards & mini books. I taught my first Christmas card class on October 10 and in sold out within days of me bringing it into the store. I was so pumped! Then I brought in the next and the response was the same. I could barely keep up with the product lines pouring into the store, which ones to choose because I loved them all! I was right in my element & loving it! Kits were selling out and I was making more stock for the store trying to keep up with the demand. People were buying kits before I had even taken product out of the bags at home. They had no idea what I was going to do with it but they believed in me and my designs. I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude. There were days at work where I felt a little like a celebrity in my own tiny world.
All in all I taught / made kits for 11 classes from October to the first week in December. Each time feeling the love from all of those that were purchasing my product. I could barely believe my good fortune.
In November I had my first online bulk card order. I was in tears when I was contacted by that wonderful woman and her company- they wanted my cards... and a lot of them. Gratitude!
This holiday season was my most successful and most rewarding. I am writing this post to all of those customers. To the ones that bought online. To the ones that came into Treasured Memories for my classes & kits. To those of you from out of town that had the store mail out those kits. To Trisha whom trusts me with her family memories. I am so very grateful! It means the world to me that my work and my designs are what you are choosing to spend your money on. In a market where your choices are wide I can not say thank you enough. Without you I would not get to work from home, to do what I love to do.
I hope to see you all in the New Year, to keep inspiring you and teaching you. It's what I long to do. It is what I am passionate about.
From the bottom of my heart- thank you.



Anonymous said...

Love your kits, Nadine. Thank you for sharing your talents. Happy New Year! ~ Patricia

Ginger said...

Yes, your kits are beautiful Nadine. All the thought you put into the December album is incredible. It makes me so happy knowing I am getting something so beautiful and I love that I can focus on getting my photos in it without all that planning. Thank you!