Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Visit with the Real Santa

This picture is killing me! Could these two be more fabulous! Nope! I obviously am terribly biased when it comes to my sweet girl but for real- she is the epitome of this season. Pure Joy. 
We drove across the city to see this wonderful Santa, I believe he may actually be the real deal. ;)
I was so happy with him I should have hugged him. He had been listening to me talk to Anna while we were in line so when I was paying he called her over to him by name! WOW. She looked at me with the hugest eyes- "He knows my name!" He called her over, asked for a hug and then made her pretend to be a rocket ship to get on his knee. She LOVED it! They chit chatted for a bit, she asked for drums. He raised an eyebrow at me, winked and then asked her what else she would like.... just in case he couldn't make that. She asked for slippers. Santa can do slippers Anna! Drums.... I bet those are really hard to fit in the sleigh!  Meanwhile, my heart is bursting and I want to pay to have my photo taken with him too!

On our way back out of the mall we had to walk by him again. He saw her, waved and then blew her a kiss. She blew one back. Smiled like she was lighting down town, looked at me with the wide eyes of a believer and we headed home. 
Heart melting.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

So lovely! I don't even try any more with Lucas. The season is about different things for him. This is a wonderful story! xoxo