Monday, 21 October 2013

Around Here

October is half over and I feel as though my head is spinning with everything on my many to do lists. If you asked I would tell you I haven't been up to much of anything except work, that nothing was new or that I couldn't remember if anything was new. But in reality there hasn't been a moment to breath. Anna is back in swimming lessons and Mumbo Jumbo, there was decorating for Thanksgiving, baking, decorating for Halloween, there has been a birthday, a trip back home, early days & late nights creating classes, teaching those classes, pulling the garden, creating a new, more organized, more efficient office space, planning a 3rd birthday party... I could go on & on but I will end it with coffee... I have been drinking lots of coffee!

I celebrated my 35th birthday at the beginning of the month. 

Anna is all about princesses, magic and make believe. It is so wonderful.

I try really hard to make the days when I have to work all day and night really fun for Anna. It helps with the guilt that creeps up in my throat for "not being engaged". I make forts, home made play dough and dig out all the cutters, I mix up some glitter glue and have her get her craft on. 
Anything to let her know she matters.

We went to a tea party and the girls decorated cupcakes... Anna probably iced, licked off and re-iced a dozen times. ha! That's my girl!
Check out sweet Farrah peeking under her sister's arm... ha ha. I bet she wants to lick that icing too!

This is Maggie, my nephew's new pony. She is FABULOUS! Anna was so in love. She walked and rode her and was so so happy! Seriously, check out that smile! Anna asked for a pony....I don't think the condo board would appreciate that. 

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