Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's okay to not have it all togehter

It's been a bit rough around here for the past couple of weeks. My patience, head & heart are being put through the ring. I am trying to accept offered help instead of seeing it as a weakness or a lack in my ability. On top of some frustrating things we're dealing with here at chez Wachter I find I am struggling with fighting guilt for not working enough from home and guilt for not being "engaged" enough as a mom. I am trying to quiet the voices that say "so & so does all this" or "get your shit together" or "so & so can do it, why can't you".... you know those voices, I wish they came with a shut off switch that was much easier to navigate. That's where I've been, my creative / blogging self is needing a rest. My vacation is getting closer & closer and I can not wait!
Have a wonderful day friends and remember, it's okay to be broken- the cracks are how the light gets in. (taken from Leonard Cohen's song Anthem)


Mrs. K said...

I am a very low-key Mom. I can't and won't "do everything"...that's just silly. I think that Dude deserves a Mom who is sane and happy and would rather sit outside with a beer or watch him play video games instead of whatever it is that Super Moms do.

As far as I am concerned, I am the BEST MOM Dude....and that's all that counts!

P.S. You're awesome and Anna is awesome. What more could you ask for in this world?

Mrs. K said...

There's that damn picture again...good for a laugh or two (at my expense) I hope!