Monday, 29 July 2013

Around Here: Summer adventures

A trip to The Edmonton Valley Zoo. 
It was much better than I had anticipated but has a long way to go as far as good zoos go. 
This is Lucy, she is old & beautiful.

Paddle boat adventures at the zoo. 

Our condo court yard got a picnic table so Anna I go sit there, she plays, I read. We have a table in our backyard but for whatever reason she only wants to sit here.

My good friend Annie was here from Nelson and it was so great to see her. 

K-Days! Edmonton's big summer midway, I had not been here for probably 10 years.We wanted to take Anna... and I really wanted mini donuts. The night started out pretty miserable due to a sweet little girl (not going to mention any names) not wanting to do anything but once she realised these rides were for her she was all in.

She wins! Pretty exciting!

We've been spending a lot of time at our local park and when kids wrap the swings up and ruin it for everyone it makes me a little crazy. In fact I was "that mom" at the park telling a couple teen girls not to do that... HA! Eye rolls were a plenty! 
I somehow managed to climb up here to fix the swing, way to go Momma! Can you believe Anna took this photo! My heart raced a little faster when I was going through pictures later that day.

This past weekend was a S'mores themed scrapbooking crop at Treasured Memories and Friday night's photo booth was hilarious. Well... for us four it was. I laughed so hard I think I threw out my back! 

Brunch at Milestones complete with raspberry mimosa and eggs benedict. We eat there often but this was a first for brunch. I swear this is the best brunch I have ever had in a restaurant! Delicious! 

I know, I know! 
Trying on snowsuits at Costco.

Have a wonderful week friends!

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