Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Our Summer 2013 Manifesto

go to the beach
visit the zoo
go camping
trip to BC
visit a winery
float in a lake
go for ice cream- lots!
go on picnics
collect heart shaped rocks
go fishing with Daddy
go hiking
try 2 new cocktail recipes
make smores
have a BBQ
go to a football game
visit 3 new parks
farmers market
see a parade
go on amusement park rides
pool party
take a week day off and go on an adventure
fly a kite
build sand castles
pick berries
soak in a hot spring
try 3 new panini recipes
make cake- just because
put paint on canvas
create a bedroom oasis
visit the city festivals
collect drift wood
make inspiration hearts
eats loads of salads
soak up the sun
stay up late and see the stars
buy fruit on the side of the road
feed the birds
teach Anna a somersault
celebrate Canada Day
watch fireworks

What are your summer plans?

1 comment:

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Your list is spectacular! So many good things, simple things, things that just scream SUMMER!! Lovely...