Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Trash to Treasure

Giving garbage new life.

I saw this chair in the alley by someone's dumpster, I wanted it but I drove by it for a week before I finally asked Cory to go get it for me. Thank goodness for him! Thank goodness it was still there.

Here's a quick "how to" for you.
 I spray painted it turquoise.

Supplies: Foam to create a seat and material to cover. 

I removed the seat. 

I cut 2 pieces of foam to the size of the wooden seat and then glued then all together with Fabric-tac. I chose to use two foams together as it was less expensive than buying one thicker piece.

I cut my material and then wrapped it around my seat and stapled it in place.

For the corners, I folded them like a present and then stapled the fabric as before.

I put the seat back on. (It's not perfect and that's just fine by me- I'm not looking a the bottom.)

We tested it out and put it in it's new home.
I love it! 

Got any good junk in your alley? 


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

No good junk in my neighbourhood alleys. This chair turned out so awesome!

Kathleen Ruelling said...

It is SO pretty! I'm always inspired when I visit your blog :-)